Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) could potentially have the most to gain from better procurement, yet they tend to lag far behind larger organizations in general sophistication (i.e. adopting basic strategic sourcing, category management, or compliance processes and policies) as well as technology adoption across source-to-pay (S2P) procurement technology. A business equipment can add considerable value to a small or medium sized business. Whether it be for restaurant equipment, cars or trucks, salon and beauty equipment, excavation equipment or retail fit out, the ability to secure this form of finance can be of great importance when looking to expand.

It’s often only when you come to needing finance that owners of small to medium sized businesses wish they had been more conscious of keeping accurate and up to date financial records. Many business owners are so immersed in the day to day running and operations of their businesses that the administrative side of their operation suffers. There are a number of industries where this tends to be more common. Those who operate in the excavation and hospitality industries are amongst the main culprits. Many of these businesses are 'one-man shows' and it’s extremely difficult for these people to find the time to keep their accounts in order.

While the ability to maintain accurate records is of great importance in any business, it’s now possible for business owners to secure financing with little or no financial documentation. Our Express No Doc Business Solution product is aimed at the business person that wants to grow their business, but for one reason or another just can't produce the necessary documentation to satisfy mainstream lenders. Whether it be an equipment lease, rental, or commercial hire purchase - we have an ability to assist:

•    We Boost Your Email:-

In the world of small business today, email is the central form of communication. It enables you to communicate efficiently with your fellow employees and customers. Equipping your business with a reliable and robust email platform is a critical piece to improving business productivity.

•    We Build a Web Presence:-

If your small business does not have a web presence, then you are missing a golden opportunity. There are tools available at your fingertips that will help you create a website that is interactive and engaging for your customers and prospects.

•    We Work the Web:-

Does your website still fit the needs of your business? If not, it may be time to upgrade to a small business IT solution, such as an e-commerce system, that enables you to sell your products or services online.

•    Upgrade Your Apps:-

We move your accounting of the spreadsheet and into a professional accounting software application. Whether free or subscription-based software on demand or a self-hosted solution, this is not a time to short-change your cash management.

•    We Back It Up:-

Can the server in your IT closet withstand a flood, fire, tornado or your building's sprinkler system? If you've answered no or are unsure, we consider off-site data backup services as a part of your small business IT solution.

•    We Count on the Cloud:-

We prioritize your technology decisions by how much they will accelerate your company's ability to grow and thereby improve your business productivity. For example, using cloud-based services gives your business access to productivity-enhancing technology at a fraction of the price.

The productivity of many businesses today is so dependent on having the latest equipment. Without the right equipment a business can go under very quickly as customers or contracts move to suppliers who can cater for their needs more quickly and efficiently. If you consider all the pieces together, it means you have to grow your business substantially to maintain your current income or sacrifice profit on less than efficient team members. This is the dilemma. If you do manage to grow your business, it means more space, stock, advertising, sometimes lost margin to grow the sales.

We analyze your current Key Performance Indicators, financial processes and activities and as we establish that we are a good fit for each other, you are our client, relying on our professional knowledge and competence to provide services that are in YOUR best interest. You are relying on our expertise and integrity. This is an ethical responsibility we would never violate. Our goal is to guide your business growth beyond anything you've been able to do by yourself.

Along the way, you introduced to our new ways of doing business. The simple fact is this, when you grow, we prosper with you. We don't expect you to believe all this strictly based on what you are reading right here. We will prove it to you and you are going to be the judge.


Here are some important things that you are going to learn as you begin to do business with us:


•    We Proof that their products/services solve a real need in the marketplace in the form of a consistently growing customer base (including strong customer retention rates).

•    Validation that the business model is sound in terms of profit and, more importantly, cash flow generation.

•    A management team with the right background, experience, and skills to maneuver through an increasingly competitive marketplace.

•    How to avoid being sucked into the "price match" scenario trap.

We will only be working with one client in a given geographical area, and I have been careful to make sure this geographical area doesn't overlap. We are working with no more than 12 clients per month. You're our first choice for your market area because we have either met or because you were recommended to us as someone who would work well with us.