A colocation facility allows customers to deploy their own servers, networks and storage hardware powered by Internet bandwidth, electricity, backup power and other services generally required in a data center. Colocation facilities are built to capitalize on the economies of scale achieved through shared bandwidth, power and disaster resistant facilities. Customers only on the server, related hardware and other services inside colocation facilities based on a monthly billing cycle.

Colocation providers make their services available in two ways:


1. The customer buys hardware and physically brings it into the colocation facility.

2. The provider buys and setup the server based on user requirements, then bills the customer at hand and continues to bill for monthly service. 

Colocation providers generally have the facilities to host thousands of servers, power standby generators and uninterrupted power supply, disaster recovery and backup procedures. The greatest advantage from collocation servers is the assurance that their network will never ever have to experience any down time, meaning continuous operation of their network is what they get. A company's physical structure can also be associated with collocation centers' services. By this, the adjustment of certain features of your company can easily be done by IT operators assigned to monitor your physical network. This will also prove to be very crucial as it can help save costs from man power.

As far as equipment, collocation centers are also well-equipped to give the customers satisfaction about the services they want. These centers also guarantee companies that all their applications and data are also secured. In fact, a unique IP address would be given to you so that you can easily access to their servers anytime your wishes. If you also need more servers, all you need is to apply.

With a collocation center servicing you, a team of IT people also make sure the system is monitored 24/7 for your company's protection, as much as they are guarded by a high level of security. When connected to collocation centers, you will never have to worry about updates for your systems and the upgrading of your equipments. The IT staffs that are operating the collocation servers are responsible for any system updates and the equipments that will have to be upgraded is theirs to worry about as it is their server and you are only connected to them.

In a Managed hosting, vendors offer not only the exclusive server, but many of the management services it can offer to clients. You only need to check on the level of supply bandwidth and compare it with your needs to see if it jibe with you really want. The bandwidth is really the big issue here since the bandwidth it can offer to customers may not be the type of bandwidth your company needs in order to run the system very efficient and reliable.

Here are the top 3 reasons why a lot of today's businesses have decided to upgrade their current managed web hosting to collocation web hosting.

1. More control:- 

It is revealed by collocation providers are giving customers more control of their data and other critical business applications. Even when your data is secured by other companies such as the collocation centers, yet you still more control of this data.

2. Enhanced Uptime:- 

In a collocation you have enhanced uptime so that it is really very tempting especially for small companies. You have to remember that smaller companies have only very limited budget for technology upgrades. For this reason, smaller companies prefer to patronize collocation if it can also give the kind of quality service they expect.

3. Abundant bandwidth at a lower cost:- 

Collocation centers offer customers abundant bandwidth so that it really is very tempting for many companies. It is among the problems of companies in managing web hosting so that because of limited bandwidth, they cannot maximize their plans and programs. What is more tempting here is the lower cost collocation centers offer despite of the fact they offer abundant bandwidth. Basically, company owners, which are updated with today's technological advances would not really hesitate to shift providers, if they learn that the new system of controlling critical data and other business applications can be done by other people at a very affordable cost.

LinksPro collocation is becoming increasingly popular among organizations for these following reasons:


1. Cost saving:

It will be cost saving to house servers and networks in a collocation center instead of building their own data center and employing a unit to take care of these internally. Customers also save on traffic backhaul costs that results from slow connectivity that is possible when housing servers and networks internally.


2. Time saving:

With the servers and networks being taken care of at the data centers, organizations and enterprises can then focus on their core business. They don't have to spend manpower and resources managing the networks and servers, which are the forte of the service providers of the collocation centers.


3. Better connectivity:

By having professional to handle the network traffic, externally, the internal networks are freed up for other uses. The service providers of the collocation center also have a bigger bandwidth capacity, so the speed would also be faster if websites when accessed.


4. Security:

An organization which uses a collocation center would not need to worry about shifting their servers should they relocate to another premise. The network would then not be affected and there wouldn't be any interruptions to any process. They would also know that their IT and communications facilities are safer being handled by the professional.

LinksPro also managed it to allow a person to directly offload management of the servers on a daily basis. We have variety of services included under these managed collocation services. These include Rack services which are essential for installing servers, network availability which allows maximum online exposure. Businessmen now have an assurance for the safety of their business information. There are no fears of bandwidth since by using that system a person is entitled to the use of the company offering the services.