Data Center Solutions

The data center is a critical element of a business's infrastructure. As a business grows, committing to a long-term IT strategy becomes mandatory. One of the most important elements of maintaining and increasing business success is connectivity - from your business office to your servers to your website. Connectivity is essential, and the only way that a company can achieve reliable, constant connectivity is to work with a data center provider. Data centers (DCs) are acting as the backbone of today's digitally-driven world, helping companies of all shapes and sizes to streamline and secure their work operations. Before a business irons out the details of their IT plan, they must make a decision which will be the foundation of their entire strategy.

Benefits of a Building a Data Center Solution:

The primary reason for a data center solution is to complete control like who has access to their center, who works there, and even what temperature it is kept at over their IT operating environment. The next benefit of having an in-house center is there is little risk of being forced to move. When a business relies on the 3rd party, there is always a chance the 3rd party won't be available at any point in the future. When a business has their own center, they know it will always be accessible. The major benefit is the entire IT staff works near the data center floor. Because only a small number of IT staff will be at the facility on a regular basis.

Managed Hosting:

Managed Hosting is one that provides businesses with a complete package of a dedicated server to host their website, software, the set up and the ongoing maintenance of their server. A managed service in particular gives businesses the flexibility to respond to changing business needs. And also underpins all of the aforementioned benefits of a data center location, the use of a dedicated rather than a shared server, and the server management, is that the client business will gain from the expertise of the hosting provider in providing a bespoke and high performance hosting solution.


The biggest benefit of colocation for medium businesses is the ability to expand at a moment's notice. Collocation centers provide a level of scalability an in-house center cannot match. Businesses have the ability to increase their capacity as the need arises. With an in-house center, there is a maximum amount of available infrastructure. Another benefit of the collocation is medium-sized businesses don't invest time and resources learning how to build and maintain a data center. All of the day to day operations are managed by the collocation provider. Collocation centers are run by proven professionals who know what it takes to run an efficient center and eliminate downtime risks.

Disaster Recovery:

Disaster Recovery is a set of tasks that must be performed. In addition, it is filled with potential hurdles that even the best intentions, most intelligent people in the organization can overlook. Regardless of whether the plan is developed using internal talent, external experts can help. The basic tasks, proceeding and maintaining recovery preparedness make good economic and business sense. In most cases with less effort than anticipated, disaster recovery planning can improve efficiency, reduce recurring issues and, through reduced downtimes and better managed processes, pay for itself.

We often point out that these options have been overhyped by those companies that are involved in this domain. Furthermore, many people have questioned the usability of these options. Despite all the allegations, these solutions have managed to spark a flurry of interest among businesses. This has certainly given hope to those companies that offer such solutions. Some of the factors that have swept the users off their feet are as follows:

Complete Backup: 

It is a known fact that every business has to deal with power outages. However, this can affect the growth of a firm. A firm might lose to its competitors if it experiences power outages more than often. Furthermore, it can lose vital data because of these outages. Data center solutions are often accompanied by complete backup. However, it is a crucial factor. Therefore, you should not be careless about it. In other words, you must cross check the claims beforehand.

Robust protection:

Over the years, many businesses have suffered huge losses because of data theft. Furthermore, it is an established fact that data should protect against all possible threats. Therefore, you need something that has an unmatched defense mechanism. These solutions can fit the bill. However, you must ensure that there is enough protection to safeguard your data against threats. You should also check whether the solution would protect your data against theft or not.


If you have a wholesale data center, you need to protect the data at any cost. These solutions will definitely serve the purpose Furthermore, you have some responsibility towards the environment. Therefore, it is essential that you keep a tab on your carbon footprint. This issue can also be taken care of with utter ease. Initially you would require some resources such as power systems. Over the years, you will find out that the investment made by you is worth giving a shot. Furthermore, you will be able to scale newer heights by outperforming your counterparts. Data centers offer the ideal data hosting environment required by high capacity reposition solutions with multiple levels of data security standards.

Cutting costs are a reality these days; however, one of the places where a company shouldn't cut corners is on its data warehousing needs. A high-quality Tier 4 data center infrastructure is what the goal should be, but smaller businesses on a tight budget may not be able to achieve that. Using a collocation center is an option for businesses without the space or the means to have an on-site facility. Storing data in a collocation center are an efficient way to protect it without requiring a large physical infrastructure. Collocation centers are equipped with very reliable and available equipment, so business owners who use these solutions such can have a certain level of peace of mind.

LinksPro has many different components which go into making it so reliable. Our Data center solutions have multiple redundancies built into them, reducing the probability of a failure. When reliability is important, this a vital attribute to have. Therefore, when evaluating your company's needs, consider all the options you have available, including a collocation center. The extra cost that comes with running your own facility can be alleviated by having that data stored in a secure, off-site location.