Exchange Hosting and Migration

Within the organization the business requirements now include the safeguard of electronic content retention best practices. Therefore, it is important to see it that a migration project is undertaken with a lot of care. The granularity of server management depends upon a business model that will sustain the rationalization of all of the mechanics of the migration projects. It is understood that the migration will introduce many changes upon the business model. It is to be undertaken by keeping the infrastructure model and design flexibility without the impairment of performance.


    Virtualization of your business, server, network, storage, application, operating system, or your desktop, is best accomplished with proper monitoring tools and security features in the cloud computing service you work with. LinksPro is specialists in providing Exchange hosting services. We have successfully helped thousands of businesses across the world to migrate to hosted Exchange Servers in their state of the art data center. We take care of the day to day management of your business email, you can save both the time and associated staffing costs, not to mention the actual cost of the equipment itself.

    The cost differences between Hosted Exchange and on premise Exchange should certainly be a factor in your decision, but it shouldn't be the deciding factor. If it is, then you are likely to end up with the wrong solution that will cost your business more in the long run from productivity loss or other business process or integration limitations. Implementing new systems takes time and effort, which can detract from your core business objectives. Migration to an Exchange Server may seem like a burden on your already overstretched IT department. But you can save both the time and associated staffing costs.

    Firstly, the costs are minimal with only a small monthly fee charged by the host company. High roll out costs are avoided, as are the costs of maintaining on-site servers and staffing burden of maintaining the service. Addition time and effort are saved when setting up or maintaining user accounts and with the highest levels of redundancy and backup integrity, downtime and data loss are avoided almost entirely. Additional savings are made on the purchase and licensing of anti-spam and anti-virus software. Most Exchange hosts have efficient migration tools available which make swig-offers easy and hassle free.


Protect Your Business and Your Customers From Hackers:

    Spam and malware can cripple a business and compromise its customers through slowdowns, scraping or stealing valuable data, wiping away files, and more. Outsourced email to a hosted exchange server gives your business active protection from SPAM, viruses, phishing, worms, Trojans, version migrations, security, and handheld integration. Make sure when you shop around for a hosted exchange service company than they guarantee 100 percent up-time service for 24x7.


Shared Access to Increase Productivity:

    Outsourced email should really include more than email. A fully integrated hosted exchange server solution gives your business shared access to vital company productivity tools like calendars, to-do task lists, contacts, and email. Those shared resources are accessible from laptops, desktops, cell phones, and every other kind of mobile device that allows your workforce to get the job done anytime, anyplace. Today's business people can no longer tie themselves down to their desktop computer. Rather, they must take an integrated approach to technology.


Advantages of LinksPro:

* Automated Exchange server administration
* 100 percent network up-time guarantee
* 24-7 technical support including monitoring, management, Exchange performance tuning
* Comprehensive security management, including spam, malware, and virus protection
* Flexible plans
* Data backup and recovery
* All-inclusive pricing model with one monthly fee
* Version management
* Performance management
* Trouble ticketing
* Problem determination
* Change control
* Problem escalation and callouts


    We are specialists in providing Exchange hosting services. We help our clients understand the impact of different Exchange solutions will have on their specific business, including the total cost of ownership, risks, cheap Windows and Linux hosting solutions to worldwide customers.